About Our Program

The South-Western City School District Preschool Program has center-based preschool classrooms, head start inclusion classrooms, and provides itinerant services. Our center-based preschool programs are designed to provide early intervention for children between the ages of 3-5 years who are identified as special needs and/or preschoolers who are typically developing (peer models). Classes meet Monday through Thursday, following the South-Western City School District calendar. Assessments, home visits, training, and a variety of other activities are scheduled on various days.

Contact the Preschool Center


South-Western Preschool Center

4324 Haughn Road

Grove City, OH 43123


Preschool Center Secretary - Special Education : Cindy Higgins Cindy.Higgins@swcsd.us

Preschool Center Secretary (PM) - Peer Model : Kim Williams Kim.Williams@swcsd.us

Main Preschool Email: swps.8448@swcsd.us


Preschool Center Office Phone - Special Education : 614-801-8448

Preschool Phone - Peer Model Students : 614-801-8225


Preschool Center Office Fax: 614-871-9568