About Our Program

The South-Western City School District Preschool Program has center-based preschool classrooms, head start inclusion classrooms, and provides itinerant services. Our center-based preschool programs are designed to provide early intervention for children between the ages of 3-5 years who are identified as special needs and/or preschoolers who are typically developing (peer models). Classes meet Monday through Thursday, following the South-Western City School District calendar. Assessments, home visits, training, and a variety of other activities are scheduled on various days.

Contact the Preschool Center


South-Western Preschool Center

4324 Haughn Road

Grove City, OH 43123


Preschool Center Secretary - Special Education : Cindy Higgins Cindy.Higgins@swcsd.us

Preschool Center Secretary (PM) - Peer Model : Jaime Kramer Jaime.Kramer@swcsd.us

Main Preschool Email: swps.8448@swcsd.us


Preschool Center Office Phone - Special Education : 614-801-8448

Preschool Phone - Peer Model Students : 614-801-8225


Preschool Center Office Fax: 614-871-9568


First Trimester ends November 19, 2020. Progress Report sent home December 7, 2020.

Second Trimester ends February 25,2021. Progress sent home March 15, 2021.

Third Trimester ends May 27, 2021. Progress sent home June 4, 2021.