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Welcome Parents

Dear Parent:

Thank you for your interest in the South-Western City Schools Peer Model Program.  Peer models are a vital part of the success of our preschool program.  We value the positive impact our typically developing children have upon our special needs children through appropriate modeling and peer interaction.  Peer models should exhibit appropriate social and communication skills.

Our program promotes development in communication skills, motor skills, independence, and a positive self concept.  We follow the Early Learning Content Standards endorsed by the Ohio Department of Education and provide literacy enriched and developmentally appropriate environments.  Our classrooms at the Preschool Center have a maximum of 12 preschoolers, 6 peer models and 6 children identified with special needs.  Our “satellite” classrooms housed in the elementary buildings have 4 peer models and 8 children identified with special needs.

Parents will be contacted by our preschool secretary if additional information is needed and when your preschooler is accepted in to our program.  If you have further questions, please contact Sharon Quigley or Dawn Brewer at 801-8448.  We are looking forward to meeting you and your preschooler.


Dawn Brewer
Preschool Coordinator

We’re glad you are considering enrolling your child as a Preschool Penguin!